If you just got in an accident and your car is no longer safe to drive, then the best thing you can do to help yourself and your car would be to have it towed to the closest repair shop. But prior to the tow truck driver arrives, you need to understand what your rights are about towing and what you really want to be on the lookout for.

Though most tow truck drivers are honest professionals, most are looking for benefiting from individuals that are fairly shaken up following the episode. Nonetheless, the fantastic thing is you always have the option to take some basic measures to prevent getting into trouble while still getting your vehicle towed.

Before you allow anybody tow your car, follow these steps;

Determine If Your Vehicle Requires Towing

When you get in an crash, your first instinct is to call a towing business and also receive yourself and your car to the repair shop whenever possible. However, the fact is that you could have the ability to get your car or truck back on the street by getting roadside aid only.

You are able to get roadside assistance for discounted rates or free of charge if you are a part of any auto institution like CAA, or in case your production warranty remains intact. But, it’s crucial to be aware that some roadside assistance businesses don’t offer towing services following a collision. Thus, be certain that you define your situation and requirements. In Action Towing, we offer fast and affordable roadside assistance in addition to neighborhood and long-distance travel services.

Telephone Your Automobile Insurers

Calling your automobile insurers is a great idea even if it’s out of business hours. Your insurance carrier may tell you exactly what you have to do next and what process you must follow to make sure your vehicle’s security. They are also able to advise you on fair towing prices, and might even suggest a trusted towing service on your place. In the best-case situation, they will have one of the affiliated and favored towing businesses come pick up your damaged car or truck.

But if you are not able to get in contact with your insurance provider right away, it’s still possible to get your car towed securely, by obeying another actions in this listing.

Get Your Vehicle For Towing

As soon as you’ve gotten in touch with a trusted towing firm, and as you await the tow truck driver to get there and recover your vehicle, listing the damage that you see on the automobile and take detailed photographs of it along with the crash scene. You may use these photographs to be certain that the garage has mended your vehicle nicely. The images will probably also come in handy when completing the insurance plan.

Additionally, take any valuables and personal items out of the automobile before eventually handing over your vehicle to the tow truck driver.

Confirm The Towing Representative Who’s Arrives

Verifying the towing representative that arrives is very necessary as many regional tow truck drivers are already awaiting the side of the street and race into the event to attempt and acquire new organization. Occasionally they’ll also attempt to convince you to receive your vehicle towed when it’s still drivable. To prevent this from occurring always be certain that you find the appropriate information from the towing business. When a tow truck appears to appear too fast, and you did not call this, and you are not certain if he’s from a respectable firm, then proceed with care.

Sign and read The Paperwork Carefully

The tow truck driver should supply you with an itemized bill rather than a sterile contract. This way you will be certain of what they’re going to charge you to tow your vehicle to the location of your selection. Be certain you just agree to pay to tow your vehicle rather than to have your automobile repaired by a certain facility. Never sign a contract which does not specify exactly what you are paying for and where your car has been towed. Save paperwork for later usage.

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